Private jet firm takes off

Private jet firm takes off
Flying on a private jet is an uncommon experience for the average traveler. But a new locally owned business called Wheels Up has made it more accessible, and some of its clients say it is a worthwhile investment in time management, convenience, and …
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Obama subsidizes private jets for high-flyers abroad
Americans who own private jets need to pay more in taxes, President Obama argues. So it seems odd that foreign executives riding Gulfstream jets from Shanghai to Mumbai get U.S. subsidies from Obama's favorite export agency. The Export-Import Bank of …
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Travel Tip: How To Fly On A Private Jet
thought you could catch a ride on a private jet? Turns out, you don't have to be a millionaire to make it happen. The trick is to look for an “empty leg” on a charter flight. An empty leg is when a private jet flies without passengers—say it's …
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Most expensive house ever put on the market in Exeter: yours for a mere £2.5m

Most expensive house ever put on the market in Exeter: yours for a mere £2.5m
It is the most expensive house ever to be put on the market in Exeter – and is available for £2.5m. That's the asking price for this brand new property close to Exeter University. Lyndhurst is in the sought-after leafy and secluded area of Streatham Rise.
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Americans Are Increasingly Buying Bigger, More Expensive Houses
The recent trend in home sales has shown a significant uptick based on price point, writes Bank of America Merrill Lynch economist Michelle Meyer. As of February, sales of homes priced over $ 1 million were up 14.4% year-over-year, while sales of homes …
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Luxury cars stack up in Eastern Passage port

Luxury cars stack up in Eastern Passage port
Bad weather has stacked up 1,000 luxury cars at the CN Autoport in Eastern Passage, N.S.. CN says the pileup is a result of preparation for the annual spring surge in vehicle sales, growing popularity of the Autoport, and recent delays caused by severe …

Italy's Government Is Selling Its Luxury Cars — Here Are The Best Deals Left
Italy is putting hundreds of cars up for auction on eBay as part of a public crackdown on government waste. More than 150 "auto blu" — the common term for the dark blue sedans — hit the market last week, including models from BMW, Alfa Romeo, and …
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Royals, aristocrats and unearned income

Royals, aristocrats and unearned income
The pro-Tory British newspaper The Telegraph became lachrymose in telling its readers of the Queen's humiliating situation: “Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle are reported to be in urgent need of repair. … Capitalism finds the lifestyle of these …
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Wedding venues: 10 of the most interesting places to get married in and around
WITH 38 luxury bedrooms in 120 acres of Sussex countryside, Alexander House is a luxury manor house that boasts a choice of restaurants and an award-winning spa. The five-star hotel is also a wedding venue that allows couples to exchange vows in a …
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Gothic Castles, Irish Whiskey, Enticing Cottages as Crystal Cruises Offers an
Crystal's new luxury cruises voyage to and from Dublin, plus include eight calls to the Emerald Isle in 2014. Crystal Symphony will visit Gaelic grounds during two seven-day British Isles voyages, the first departing from London on August 17, and the …
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West Country farmer snaps up one of UK's most expensive houses

West Country farmer snaps up one of UK's most expensive houses
Instead of being bought by a wealthy foreign family as so many expensive UK homes currently are, Shakenhurst's new owners are the Staddons, a farming family from Devon. They said: "Having to relocate, we knew the right place for us was somewhere …
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The High Life: San Antonio's most expensive homes —slideshow
The Business Journal created a slideshow of the 10 most expensive houses up for sale, as ranked by The houses are located in high-end subdivisions like the Dominion, and tony communities just north of the city's center like Terrell Hills …
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Jets Should Forget Free Agency—Just Trade for Someone Expensive

Jets Should Forget Free Agency—Just Trade for Someone Expensive
With all the major NFL free agents already signed to new teams, the Jets haven't come close to exhausting their salary-cap allotment this off-season. But signing free agents isn't the only way to add talent and payroll; they could also trade for stars …
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Jets Could Still Trade for Expensive Player
With all the major NFL free agents already signed to new teams, the Jets haven't come close to exhausting their salary-cap allotment this off-season. But signing free agents isn't the only way to add talent and payroll; they could also trade for stars …
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Is Air Travel Too Safe?
This has been true for decades: A mid-1990s analysis of New York Times front-page stories found that there were 1,382 stories per 10,000 U.S. deaths involving commercial jets. (For car accidents, it was less than one story per 10,000 deaths.) … Since …
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Thinking Of Getting A Pedicure? Beware The Health Risks First
"The jets in the whirlpool bath can harbor bacteria and fungus," says Dr. Sutera. … "But I think in the long run, it's less expensive, less painful and much more enjoyable than visiting your podiatrist every week and dealing with infection and minor …
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Hire Expensive Wedding Cars

Hiring a wedding car is an essential part of wedding preparations as the luxurious cars are the main attraction of the weddings .That is why every couple does its best to bring the most expensive car available in the market. Expensive car hired in a wedding not only give chance to a person to represents his status but also give him chance to feel the luxury with his bride. Owing expensive cars is not possible for everyone, thankfully, there are wedding cars agencies, which give options to hire a car. Now, any one can get the feel of luxury on his wedding by hiring a car in some amount of money. One can select a car from options ranging from Limo, Porsche, Bentley to Ferrari. These cars are extremely luxurious and usually hired by people for occasions like wedding, convocation, prom, etc. The charges of hiring these cars are varied depending upon the model and services provided with the cars. Every hiring agency has its own rates, it would be advisable to compare the rates of agencies before contacting one. Some companies provide discount on special occasions, enquire about them at the time of hiring car. However, one should consider other important things before hiring a car. While hiring a car, do thorough research, this will help you in hiring a suitable car according to your budget. The internet is the best option to do the research, you will easily find the car agencies in your city, which are offering the best deals. There are many Limousine Hire in Dublin services offer limo on hire at competitive prices. Before finalizing the car service provider, have a broad look on its past record. It is always good to spend some time on research than stumbling upon problems like extra charges and maintenance cost at the end of the service. Thoroughly enquire what kind of service it provides, charging fees for a day and the foremost important thing, see the condition of the car. Enquiring about services and their charges in advance is always good. Some companies offer chauffeur services with cars at very nominal prices. You can also drive the car by yourself if you have budget constraints. Usually companies offer services with wedding cars like driver, beverages, customization of cars like decoration, champagne stands, “Just Married” sign, and other complimentary services. Besides, you can select the color of the car as per your choice or the party theme. Last but not least, make car booking well in advance and check the condition of the car in person.

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World Most Expensive Cars Show 2013 at Dubai Festival City.

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Boats in India

The journey started approx 130,000 years back, when there were no elaborate modes of transport, a group of men embarked on a trip to discover a new place on a log of wood. They rowed this log of wood often to discover new places to settle in or explore new locations for business.

Over the centuries, this log of wood from being the only medium of transport has now become one of the most prized possessions of the riches of the world- a status symbol. These simple logs of wood have come a long way to evolve into stunning vessels of the sea.

An evening stroll down the Gateway of India, Mumbai, one witness’ the picturesque view of luxury boats parked at the bay. With India’s vast coastline of 4671 miles combined with the growing numbers of HNIs, leisure sailing has become extremely popular in the country over the last 5 years. Today, an increasing number of Indians are investing in luxury boats in India. There are approximately 120 boats being sold every year with 80% being speed boats. 

With the marina in Kochi and plans for Goa and Mumbai, there is a huge opportunity in the industry. Over the last few years, with increasing number and frequency of boat shows and world sea races, India is being recognized as a luxury yacht market. Owing to the high level of interest from the Indian consumers, many established global boat makers are entering Indian markets. Apart from being seen as luxury passions, the boating industry has a major contribution towards the fishing tourism in India. Today, the boat manufacturers are also looking at India as a market for – ‘Leisure Angling’. 

With the growing interest in the luxury sailing industry and interests by the government, the industry is very optimistic on the growth over the next few years.

The growth of the sailing market will give a tremendous boost to the economy as well. With improved regulation structure and marine infrastructure development, India could become a preferred stopover on the world sea route.

About The ESTD,

After the success of the last 3 years in the aviation sector under the name InterGlobe General Aviation, we are extremely pleased to have now broadened our product offering and undergone a re-launch to become InterGlobe Established Private Limited.

Known as the most successful name in Business Aviation, representing some of the leading manufacturers in the world, including Hawker Beechcraft, Sikorsky, Dornier Seaplane and Pacific Aerospace allowed us to build strong relationships with customers across the region. These individuals placed a great deal of trust in us and in turn we have been able to provide them with the levels of advice, support, service and dedication one would expect when choosing such a discerning product.

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Apogee, Darwin Deason’s million-dollar luxury yacht, can be chartered for a mere 0000 per week…. plus fees.

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Chartering Private Jets

Like the luxury of private jets, but not the cost of owning one? Well, did you know that hundreds of private jet owners allow the management service they use to hire out their aircraft for private charter flights at extremely reasonable costs? This allows for groups to share the expense of the charter and not have to deal with a majority of the hassles associated with air travel in these busy, tense times.

Scheduling the flights at the earliest possible date can help assure the plane will be available for use, and give you time to collect the funds and plan out your trip. However, one of the big pluses when it comes to chartering private jets is the flexibility involved.

Charter services include, but are not limited to:

• Professional, highly trained pilots and crew members

• The ability to go to many locations that are not accessible to larger aircraft

• Privacy for the passengers

• A comfortable flight experience, with room for everyone

• Can, in many cases, be less expensive than traditional air travel

Remote locations do not generally have airports large enough to accommodate large aircraft, and you would have to land at the closest airport. Then you would need to find a way to get to your destination. On the other hand, charting private jets can get you right to your desired location, providing there is a landing strip in the area. The charter service will be able to get you as close as possible, and may even be able to arrange any additional transport that may be needed.

Some of the primary reasons and occasions to charter private jets include:

• Hunting trips to remote locations, as some planes can land right at your destination, and come back to pick you up for the return trip.

• Honeymoon flight to a remote destination, or flying the wedding party in for the festivities.

• Less headaches than the airport travel, and baggage is generally included.

• Not being crowded in with total strangers if you don’t pay extra for first class.

• Comfort and luxury during the flight, since the planes are generally equipped with more comfortable seating than commercial aircraft, as well as room to move about during the flight.

There are private jets that are kept in hangars at small, privately owner airfields that can be chartered, so the wait in lines, getting there an hour early, the invasive searches, and all the hassle are removed from the flying experience.

Of course, this is in no way suggesting there is no security at the small airstrips, to be sure. On the contrary, the security is every bit as tight when it comes to who and what are allowed to travel by air. It just isn’t taken to some of the ridiculous extremes that have been reported by air travelers.

So if you are looking for reliability with less hassle, then you need to look into chartering private jets. Say goodbye to the long lines. Say goodbye to all the headaches and hassles. This is the only way to fly!

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NIRVANA Superyacht – The Ultimate Status Symbol [VIDEO]

NIRVANA Superyacht – The Ultimate Status Symbol [VIDEO]
Yachts – this is one word that's synonymous with luxury and recreation. We think of yachts and immediately get a feeling of tranquility that not only relaxes and soothes us, but also rejuvenates us. Most of us though are fairly content with the …
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High-rolling celebrity holiday snaps
Bad gal Rhi Rhi was snap-happy on a recent holiday aboard luxury yacht 'Latitude' sharing pics of her and her friends soaking up some European sun. Seen sipping on the world's most expensive champagne (Armand De Cognac) and smoking cigars the …
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